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Are you keen to get sexual lingerie to spice up your intimate lifestyle but cringe when you see several different tacky and distasteful sexy wear sold in adult stores? In that case Lola Luna g-strings are just for you. Find the world of absolute indulgence with French g-strings.

Lola Luna is a French lingerie
designer creating one of the most luxurious and sophisticated sexual g-strings. The designs are extremely daring and provocative but very elegant and attractive as well. Lola Luna g-strings aren't just hot lingerie but beautiful and sensual body accessories. Lola Luna unique design features include Swarovski crystals, jewelry, gemstons, beads and freshwater pearls. Every item is hand made only using the best quality components, such as finest tulle, exquisite embroideries and renowned Calais lace. The softness of materials help to make Lola Luna g-strings not just eye appealing but also very comfortable to wear.

Lola Luna g-strings can be found in a variety of colours and styles. The range includes open g-strings as well as closed g-strings and tiny micro g-string variety. Every design has its own unique features for different moods and individualities. In addition, Lola Luna provides selection of complementing accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets and handcuffs to make a set.

huge experience in underwear business, Lola Luna knows how to create a design that will flatters female body. The high cut of Lola Luna g-strings enhances the most effective assets by making legs appear longer and emphasising the curves visually creating an hourglass-like figure. Most Lola Luna g-strings have elastic straps for simple fit and some designs are completely adjustable by using tie-side ribbons.

Lola Luna
is not just regular underwear. Every g-string is a precious thing of beauty made in limited quantity to keep exclusivity, which make them very collectable. With fresh exciting designs released every season, you'll never get tired of Lola Luna g-strings. Continue surprising your partner with new designs to bring a spark to your relationship. Lola Luna offers something for every romantic situation, be it a wedding party, a honeymoon or even a unique romantic night for two. Lola Luna g-strings and accessories make fantastic intimate gifts to enjoy by both.

If you're looking for the way to bring a spark to your relationship, begin with Lola Luna g-strings. 


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